Things to Do at Triangle Park: Exercise Stations, Peace Pole, Picnic Area, Native Plant & Flower Garden

Relax and enjoy the scenery at Triangle Park.  There is lot's to do, and so much we are proud of:
  1. Peace Pole with a message of peace in 8 languages;
  2. 10 park picnic benches and areas for grilling;
  3. Over 20 exercise stations;
  4. Large open green space for loosely organized games, playing with your dog, to relaxing in the sun or snow;
  5. Enjoy the sights of our Native Plants and Grasses Garden run by members of our Rogers Park community.

The newest addition to our lovely park, is the Peace Pole. The Triangle Park Advisory Council petitioned for a grant in July 2010 from the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago to install a peace pole with the inscription “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in 8 different languages.  This represents the many tongues spoken in our diverse neighborhood of Rogers Park, including the first tongue, that of the Pottawatomie Nation. This pole represents an important visual reminder to our community to promote and celebrate creative and peaceful avenues to work for tolerance, peace and counterbalance the crime, drug and gang problems, poverty, and violence that exist as a reality in our world. The sisters kindly accepted our plea, and gave us a very generous grant which was installed in mid-July 2011, and is currently awaiting a mosaic on the base foundation of the pole, that will be installed by local artists from Greenstar Movement on August 27, 2011.

Join us for our upcoming Peace Walk & Dedication on September 21, 2011 at 6:30 on the UN International Day of Peace.  We will be starting our walk from the peace pole at the United Church of Rogers Park at 1545 W. Morse Ave, down Ashland to the Willye B. White Community Center  at 1610 W. Howard Street and then down Jonquil to Hermitage. We will end up at our peace pole in Triangle Park.  We hope to have local veterans to thank for their service and a short dedication and words of peace from our local leaders.  Hope to see you there!

Community-run Illinois Native Plants & Grasses Garden

In 2007 the Triangle Park Advisory Council petitioned the Chicago Park District to allow the community to create a Native Plants and Grasses Community Garden. 

Since it's installation countless members of our Rogers Park neighborhood have come together to help maintain it as a symbol of care for our community. 


If you would like to volunteer your time to help us maintain our beautiful Native Plants and Grasses Community Garden, please contact Joanna Erenberg by email at

Over 20 Exercise Stations!  Who needs a gym when you have it all outdoors?
In October of 2009 we were very excited to petition for and receive a very generous $10,000 grant from the Mary Alphonse Bradley Fund - Servants of Mary in Ladysmith, WI to purchase and install exercise stations for our little park.  We worked closely over the years with Superintendent Timothy Mitchell, Derrick Martin, and his staff at the Chicago Park District to install these exercise stations which fit nicely in the Triangle Park Advisory Council's goals of continuously finding ways to enhance our park as a leisure, wellness, nature park.  In the Fall of 2010 they were installed, and we are happy to see many users of the equipment, including neighboring school children from local summer camps.

Thank you to all who helped us make this project a success!

Picnics, wide-open green spaces, what more can you ask for in a city park?

There are at least 10 picnic benches and a few designated areas for grilling. There are refuse bins, recycling bins, and even metal bins for disposing of used coals.

This park is very active, and many families from the community use it regulary, especially the neighboring children. 
So please help us all by using it, and remember to pick-up after yourself, let's keep it clean and safe for everyone!